Credit Reports and Scores


Free Credit Report and Credit Score

Credit Reports contain an individual’s current and historical financial information such as outstanding credit, current financing and overall payment history. Credit Reports are used to calculate and determine an individual’s Credit Scores.

Credit Scores are used by a variety of companies, agencies and institutions to help determine things such as an individual’s Creditworthiness. For instance, Credit and Financing companies use Credit Scores to help determine the Interest Rates they will offer individuals seeking to acquire their company’s products or services.

Typically, the higher the Credit Scores are the Lower The Interest Rates will be for a wide variety of Credit and Financing options!

Additionally, some Employer’s use Credit Scores as part of their screening process to help determine if certain individual’s are “ideal” candidates for employment in their companies. Similarly, some Leasing Offices and Landlords use Credit Scores to help them screen and determine if certain individual’s will be “reliable and/or trustworthy” tenants.

Typically, the higher the Credit Score is, the Lower the Interest Rate will be for a wide variety of Credit and Financing options. It is important to periodically view and make any necessary corrections to Credit Reports in order to help maintain good Credit Scores and obtain favorable Interest Rates.

Certain Businesses, Agencies and Institutions use Credit Scores to help determine things about individual’s such as Creditworthiness, Reliability and Trust.

Whether searching for Credit via a Credit Card or a Personal Loan or looking for Financing for the purchase of a Car or Home … it is important to initially obtain, and continuously maintain, good Credit Scores in order obtain the lowest Interest Rates and save the most money.